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Vermiculite removal minimizes the risk of exposure to asbestos and therefore potential health hazards, vermiculite is a mica-like material very fire resistant and is and is known for its insulation qualities.

Why you need a professional to remove vermiculite? Vermiculite insulation products contains asbestos and can cause many health risks if disturbed during maintenance, demolition or renovation. Our certified asbestos professionals will create a removal plan depending on the condition of your property.

Trained technicians will then proceed to remove and dispose of the asbestos safely to prevent the presence of airborne fibers that can stay in your lungs a long time and cause illness for you and your family. Contact our specialist for a removal estimate.


Asbestos Exposure in the attic
The EPA Suggests up to 70% of vermiculite sold in the United states between 1919-1990 was mined in Libby Montana and may have been contaminated with asbestos. The insulation should not be disturbed to avoid unnecessary exposure.

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